Web Development

  • Initiate Agency

    Landing page for Initiate Agency, a creative agency helping conscious businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs make positive change in the world.


  • NFDomains

    Website and application development for NFDomains, the Algorand name service and marketplace for Non-Fungible Domains — unique, readable identities for your wallet.


  • TxnLab

    Website for TxnLab, a blockchain development firm building on the Algorand blockchain.


Motion Design

Logo Design

  • Initiate Agency

    Logo for Initiate Agency, a web development and creative agency.

  • TxnLab

    Logo for TxnLab, a blockchain development firm.

  • Syndicate Consulting

    Logo for Syndicate Consulting, a Quality Assurance and Software Testing company.

  • SustainCERT

    Logo for SustainCERT, a climate impact verifier and environmental technology company.

  • Dolphin Roofs

    Logo for Dolphin Roofs, a roofing, construction and remodeling company.

  • Mainstay Cottage

    Logo for Mainstay Cottage, an AirBnB rental property.